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Hydra for liquids monitors the stability and the composition of liquids over time

It can be used as a portable device or installed online in production processes, monitoring the parameters and the quality of several types of liquids.

What is it?

Hydra for liquids is an innovative absorption device operating in the range of visible light. It analyzes liquids of different nature and monitors the stability of liquids over time, identifying any minimal difference over time, associating it with a change of property. Hydra works both online on plants’ production processes and offline. In particular, this version of Hydra has a very small hardware; therefore, it is also portable for instant analyses on field.


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Created by Caronte Consulting
Created by Caronte Consulting
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Hydra for liquids an IoT, machine-learning device which uses artificial vision and artificial intelligence. It is possible to totally control Hydra’s hardware by software in exposure, light intensity, comparison function, number of points, etc. The customer is able to build himself the most suitable spectral analysis for his production process. A part of Hydra for liquids is 3D printed, so the customer can print his own parts to replace them, to increase the precision or to create a diffraction mask for LAV, MAV, and SAV.



Inspection to identify counterfeit liquids

This type of application of Hydra for liquids helps authorities and buyers to identify counterfeit liquids, such us olive oil, wine, and so on. The advantage is that you have an instant analysis of your liquid’s composition, finding whether it has been doped with other liquids, contributing to its counterfeit.


Hydra can be installed online to control the status of the production process and to analyze the status of the liquid that is processed through each stage.Thanks to its innovative technology, Hydra can also intervene in the production process, modifying the wrong settings by adjusting them on the standards imposed by the plant (for example, the taste of the final products).This allows the plant to always produce a high quality product, increasing food safety and stabilizing its production process.For example, Hydra could analyze the parameters of liquids in bio and lactose free plants both before and after, in order to grant a 100% pure final product. This eventually results in a money saving.

Types of liquids


Hydra helps authorities to identify counterfeit liquids that may damage individuals' health and contribute to frauds.In addition, this device dedicated to liquids, when installed online, increases quality and security. It is also possible to save on food, water and energy. This happens thanks to a time-continuous analysis, which brings a stabilization of the production process and, consequently, a reduction of food and water wastes.In addition, by setting machines to work always on the same production standard, Hydra brings the plant a great energy saving.

Monitor your liquids’ stability.
Increase quality and safety with Hydra for liquids.

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